Frequently asked

What is a Hybrid-Event?
A hybrid event, means the event will take place at Suntec Exhibition Hall on 21 May and broadcasted LIVE simultaneously to online viewers. Onsite-event attendance has a limited sitting capacity while online attendance does not have any capacity limitations. All onsite-event attendees will be people who’ve registered online early and indicated their interest to be put on the event waitlist.
Does registration on this website guarantee me a ticket to attend the event in-person?
No. The above registration on this website is only for Online participation. If you express interest in the registration form, you will be put on the waitlist. You will be notified separately if you’re selected to attend in-person.
I want to attend the REITs Symposium in-person at Suntec City, how do I get the event ticket?
Due to current COVID measures, we have limited capacity. On our event waitlist, priority will be given to the people who’ve registered early and expressed their interest in the registration form. You may also join this InvestingNote campaign here and so that you increase your chances to win an exclusive ticket to attend the event in-person! So we highly recommend you to register early!
How will I know and be notified if I’m allocated an exclusive ticket in the waitlist to attend in-person?
We will contact you separately via email, at least one week before the event. So do keep a lookout in your email inbox.
Upon confirmation of an exclusive ticket to attend the event in-person, where and what time will the event be held?
It will be held at Suntec City Exhibition Hall 406, from 8.30AM till 6.15PM on 21 May, Saturday. Please note that without an exclusive ticket, no admission will be allowed into the hall. You will be contacted separately if you’re selected on our event waitlist for the exclusive ticket.
I've registered for the Symposium. How do I watch the Live Streams?
You can access the live streams via "JOIN LIVE" buttons that will appear on the website on the event day.
Are there any replays?
Replays will be made available for a limited period of time to registrants of the events. We will email you with further details when the replays are ready for viewing.
Can I download the videos?
Unfortunately, no. You can only watch the replay videos online, provided you register for the event before 21 May 2022. Registration is completely free and we highly recommend you to register early to avoid any disappointment. This mega event is not to be missed.
Will there be any "notes/presentation slides" that I can download?
All partners-approved presentations and downloadable materials can be found in the Partners Tab.
How do I take part in the Live Chats?
Live Chats will happen from 12.00pm to 12.30pm on 21 May and you can access them via the Live Chat tab above.
How do I take part in the lucky draws?
Please find out more via the Lucky Draws tab.